Savannah Steamer's Story

People didn't expect Savannah Steamer to be here, but here she is. The 19-year-old came with her boyfriend Ruben to Columbus from their native El Paso, Texas, when he got a full-ride scholarship to Ohio State. Moving to Columbus had been their plan, but it was thrown into doubt when she got pregnant her senior year of high school.

That is, other people doubted. Several people – more than she anticipated – came up to her and asked, “You’re still going to school?”

“People are always going to doubt you when you have a goal that you want to pursue,” Steamer says. “I always kept an open mind when people said it would be hard, but I never doubted my own ambition.”

She visited Columbus with Ruben, and the town suited her. While Ruben got settled into his program at Ohio State, she started at Columbus State. They often take the same classes, and Steamer ha’s been pleasantly surprised that her Columbus State classes are on par with Ohio State’s.

They have to be – Columbus State classes are designed to transfer to a four-year school. One of Columbus State’s primary offerings is the Associate of Arts/Associate of Science degree, a general-purpose transfer degree that fulfills the first two years of a bachelor’s degree.

So far, she’s been taking general education classes like Math, English and Humanities. Her favorite class (up to now) has been Introduction to Poetry (ENGL 2260) with instructor Mike Wright.

She’s attending Columbus State with help from two scholarships: the Partner’s Scholarship and the Aspire to Achieve Scholarship. Both are provided through the Columbus State Foundation, the college’s fundraising arm.

She’s not sure where the road will take her, but she plans to someday own her own business. One current idea is to translate a love of cooking into a line of locally produced baby food.

But for now, she’s learning and building plans – and no one should doubt that.

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