Alexis Bangudi's Story

When Alexis Bangudi returned to Columbus State in 2008, he found the road to a bachelor’s degree was more open than he thought. Bangudi was able to get his associate degree in Business Management from Columbus State, then apply those credits to a bachelor’s degree at Ohio University.

His Columbus State courses prepared him for the higher-level coursework, Bangudi said.

“It’s just more intense. The assignments and the level of the homework are more intense because it’s the third and fourth level,” Bangudi says.

Bangudi first started at Columbus State in 1997, after emigrating from his native Zaire in 1991. He left school to work and start a family, but as his kids got older he wanted to finish his education.

“My kids are growing up, and they’re looking at what I’m doing, and what I came to this country for,” Bangudi said.

Bangudi is one of the first students to graduate through a 3+1 partnership with Ohio University. Under the program, students do three years at Columbus State (two years for the associate degree, then a year of general education), then finish up with a  year of Ohio University courses. Bangudi took the Ohio University classes online, so he didn’t have to leave Columbus.

Alexis BangudiBangudi received a Bachelor’s in Technical and Applied Studies from Ohio University, which builds on a student’s technical skills and adds general education and business-leadership classes.

The degree helps many students move up in their jobs, said Jodie Van Winkle. People with a two-year degree in a technical field have good technical skills, but rounding out those skills with a bachelor’s degree often allows them to take on management positions.

The Ohio University partnership offers two other programs besides the Bachelor’s in Technical and Applied Science. The first allows students with an associate degree in nursing to get their bachelor’s degree, and the other is a Bachelor’s of Criminal Justice degree.

Helping students transfer to a four-year college is a big part of Columbus State’s mission. Our Arts and Sciences Division offers a general-purpose Associate of Arts or Associate of Sciences degree, that represents the first two years of a bachelor’s degree at most Ohio schools. Many of our Career & Technical degrees also transfer to four-year schools.

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