Central Ohio is home to a diverse array of K-12 districts and higher education institutions, and the momentum created by The Central Ohio Compact has already galvanized several innovative collaborative initiatives. The partnerships led by the leadership at Columbus State provide an established structure that can be brought to scale to broaden the potential impact of educational solutions.

College Credit Plus +×

Through the state’s College Credit Plus program, students can earn college and high school credits at the same time by taking courses from community colleges or universities. The initiative helps college-ready students advance their post-secondary plans tuition free. Learn more about the offerings at Columbus State Community College.

Credits Count +×

As part of a $5 million grant from the American Electric Power Foundation, the Credits Count program enables Columbus high school students to earn college credits and get a jump start on a degree in a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) field.

Modern Manufacturing Work Study +×

With a looming retirement boom, Honda was interested in a partnership with Columbus State Community College that would produce the next generation of skilled technicians.

The work-study program allows students to work at Honda three days each week while completing their degrees at Columbus State. Students can earn their degrees while applying their newly mastered technical skills. Learn more here.

Adult Diploma +×

The state recently created two opportunities for adults to earn their high school diploma.

  • The Ohio Department of Education’s 22+ Adult High School Diploma program allows adults to complete high school credits they’re missing as well as any standardized tests they would have taken while in high school.
  • The Adult Diploma program is tailored toward certain high-demand jobs. The program is competency-based where adults have to demonstrate mastery of their high school work. In addition, they are taking career training to earn certificates for jobs such as a state-tested nursing assistant, pharmacy technician or IT support.
  • Columbus State received state dollars to launch the 22+ Adult High School Diploma program fall 2015.
Preferred Pathway +×

Columbus State Community College has pathway agreements to a bachelor’s degree with eight Preferred Pathway Partners. Learn more here.


There are 95 agreements between Columbus State Community College and Franklin University that articulate across programs.

Pathways to Prosperity

With partnership support of JP Morgan Chase, the Ohio Business Roundtable, Battelle, the Educational Service Center and Columbus State, the Central Ohio Compact joined the network of states to build a system of grades 9-14 career pathways in collaboration with employers and aligned with labor market demands.

The Pathways to Prosperity Network, a collaboration of states, Jobs for the Future, and the Pathways to Prosperity Project at Harvard Graduate School of Education, seeks to ensure that many more youth complete high school and attain a postsecondary credential with currency in the labor market. The long-term goal is to create regional systems of career pathways that serve the most students. Key industry sectors identified for pathways building include information technology, health care, business/logistics, and advanced manufacturing.



The central Ohio region represents the state in a national network charged with building grades 9-14 career pathways.
Whether you're a student, an adult, a military veteran or an employer looking to hire, the newly expanded can help.
An 11-county region charged to meet four ambitious goals by 2020, including adding 150,000 new jobs to central Ohio.
The department oversees the state’s public K-12 education system.
The department oversees higher education for the state.