April 2014 Regional Summit on College Completion and Career Success

Since 2011, we have been collaborating in the areas of access, curriculum alignment, and data reporting. Through our community-wide commitment and thoughtful planning, we have developed a regional strategy for college completion and student success, The Central Ohio Compact. In 2012, our K-12 and higher education leaders proposed as a regional strategy the adoption of the Lumina Foundation’s goal of 60% degree attainment in Central Ohio by 2025. Then, at last spring’s summit, the Compact joined the Pathways to Prosperity Network to build a system of grades 9-14 career pathways in collaboration with employers and aligned with labor market demands. In a short period of time there has been significant progress towards the achievement of these goals.

New Skills at Work Grant

In an unprecedented partnership with the Columbus region, JPMorgan Chase announced at the April 22, 2014 Regional Summit a $2.5 million dollar commitment to expand The Central Ohio Compact. New Skills at Work is the largest ever private-sector effort aimed at addressing the “skills gap” that exists across many industries, such as healthcare and advanced manufacturing, where not enough trained workers have the specific skills to fill the jobs available.

The grant will enable the Compact to work with local employers to identify and develop new education and training programs, and replicate and bring to scale identified successful initiatives. Spearheaded by Columbus State, this grant will help the Compact build the infrastructure around a series of regional strategies to ensure students graduate high school ready for college — and obtain the degrees or credentials they need for a job.

2014 Summit Recap

Agenda & Notes